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“Through all our charity activities, we aim to share our luck and good fortune to those less fortunate and give them hope.”
- Rick Yvanovich

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Blood Donation

Rick has been a regular blood donor for the past 30 years. Rick spends an hour out of his busy day every 3 months to donate blood and help save others' lives. Nowadays, giving blood has become a routine part of his life, and he’s happy with it.

Understand the importance of donating blood, Rick and the CSR team at TRG committed to having 3 to 4 blood donation days a year.

Charity Trip

Every year, TRG makes sure to reserve funds to help the needy and most vulnerable in the community and across Vietnam. For close to a decade, Rick and the CSR team TRG has been  facilitating our own charity trips.

In recent years, TRG has switched to the company matching monetary contributions to double the amount our people donate. The funds raised were used to purchase the essentials, which were then delivered to some remote locations around Vietnam.

“Through all our charity activities, we aim to share our luck and good fortune to those less fortunate and give them hope.” - Rick Yvanovich

Charity Fun Run

Annually, TRGers participate in two Fun Runs for Charity, which are the BBGV Fun Run organised by the British Business Group (BBGV) and the Terry Fox Run organised by CANCHAM.

These Fun Run for Charity events were created with the purpose of helping the unfortunate people throughout Vietnam. Since its inception, BBGV Fun Run in particular has raised more than 10 billion VND and has gained notable recognition and participation from various local and international organisations as well as individuals in Vietnam.

Tree Planting

Typically, at a tree planting event, TRG will set a goal of how many trees the company should plant. To make it more competitive, TRGers split up into teams and compete against each other to see who plants the most trees or plants the fastest. TRG hopes that one day the total number of trees we have planted will reach one million trees.

The outcome of these tree planting events always brings a smile to our TRGers’ faces as they enjoy a wonderful time in company with one another while they feel proud of their social achievements.



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